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Hebrew Catholics and the Mission of the Church

This booklet contains material that was previously published in various issues of the AHC publication, The Hebrew Catholic. The booklet provides an overall introduction to the ideas which undergird the work of the AHC. In the Contents below, articles with an asterisk (*) represent talks given at the AHC Conference, Oct. 2010, Saint Louis, Missouri.

1. From Our Shepherds
2. The Mission and Glories of the Chosen People *, Dr. Lawrence Feingold, S.T.D.
3. The Conversion of Israel and the Second Coming *, Dr. Lawrence Feingold, S.T.D.
4. An Interview with Archbishop Raymond L. Burke *, David Moss
5. You Shall Be My Witnesses *, David Moss
6. On Jews Within the Church, Fr. Louis Bouyer, Fr. Rainero Cantalamessa, Fr. Aidan Nichols O.P., Roch Kerestzy O. Cist., Matthew Levering, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
7. 1935: With a Jewish Family, Msgr. Eugene Kevane

AHC, Booklet, 56 pages, ©2013