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Hebrew Catholics and the Mission of the Church
Sponsoreed by the Association of Hebrew Catholics

This conference was held Oct 1-3, 2010 in St. Louis, Missouri. The speakers and their talks follow.
1. André Villeneuve, Between Rome and Jerusalem: Caught in the Dramatic Love Story of Israel and the Church
3. Fr. Noah Waldman, T’shuvah and Witness
4. Mark Drogin, From Jewish Relativism to the Faith of Thomas
5. Ken Wilsker, For I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel
6. Taylor Marshall, Why is the Church Centered in Rome and Not Jerusalem?
7. Mark & Sue NeugebauerMessianic and Catholic
8. Dr. Larry Feingold,  The Mission of the Chosen People
10.1 David Moss,  You Shall Be My Witnesses …
10.2 David Moss,  An Interview with Archbishop Raymond L. Burke
11. Dr. Larry Feingold,  The Conversion of Israel and the Second Coming
12. Speaker Panel, Questions and Answers

Holy Mass Homilies
13.1 Msgr. Joseph Pins, Rector of Cathedral Basilica, St. Louis
13.2 Fr. Noah Waldman, Pastor, Ss. Joachim & Ann, St. Charles
13.3 Most Rev. Robert Herman, Auxiliary Bishop of St. Louis

Note 1.  Talks 2 and 9 by Roy Schoeman are not available.
Note 2.  See the pamphlet, You Shall Be My Witnesses,  for a transcript of the interview with Archbishop Burke, the two talks of Dr. Feingold, and the talk by David Moss.

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