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Rosale Marie Levy
Introduction by Deborah Bernstein

“There is always something particularly dramatic about Jews converting to Catholicism. Jewish conversion plucks at chords whose reverberations stretch back through time to the very foundations of Christianity and the terrible rift that separated the two sects from the moment of Christ’s Crucifixion. Yet, through the following two thousand years, almost miraculously, there has been a steady stream of Jews cr0ssing the threshold of the Church, actions often taken at personal sacrifice and resulting in divorce from family and friends. This pull toward Christ, as seemingly paradoxical as the struggle of a salmon against the oncoming rush of the rapids, can only be attibuted to the work of the Holy Spirit, operating like the wind which blows where it pleases. Often the Spirit blows in the most unlikely places and uses the most unlikely circumstances to exercise His will. At the end of the age, St. Paul says in his Epistle to the Romans, all Israel shall be saved. The present little volume movingly witnesses to this prophecy, one conversion at a time.” [From the Preface]

Roman Catholic Books, Hard Cover, ©1924, 203 pages