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Catholic Doctrines on Jews & Muslims
Gavin D’Costa

“Gavin D’Costa breaks new ground in this authoritative study of the Second Vatican Council’s doctrines on other religions, with particular attention to Judaism and Islam. The focus is exclusively on the doctrinal foundations found in Lumen Gentium 16 that will serve Catholicism in the twenty first century. D’Costa provides a map outlining different hermeneutical approaches to the Council, whilst synthesizing their strengths and providing a critiques of their weaknesses. Moreover, he classifies the different authority attributed to doctrines theyby clarifying debates regarding continuity, discontinuity, and reform in doctrinal teaching.

Vatican II: Catholic Doctrines on Jews and Muslims expertly examines the Council’s revolutionary teaching on Judaism, which has been subject to conflicting readings. including the claim that the Council reversed doctrinal teachings in this area. Through a rigorous examination of the debates, the drafts, the official commentary, and with consideration of the previous Council and papal doctrinal teachings on the Jews, D’Costa lays bare the doctrinal achievements of the Council, and concludes with a similar detailed examination of Catholic doctrines on Islam. This innovative text makes essential interventions in the debate about Council hermeneutics and doctrinal teachings on the religions.”  [From the cover]

“Gavin D’Costa is Professor of Catholic Theology at the University of Bristol and has advised the Vatican, and the English and Welsh Catholic Church, and the English Anglican Church on interreligious dialogue” [From the cover]



  1. Interpreting the Interpreters
  2. The Council and the Religions
  3. The Council and the Jews: A ‘Dramatic Change’ in Doctrine?
  4. The Council and the Muslims: Worshipping the Same God?
  5. Conclusions

Oxford University Press, ©2014, Soft cover, 270 pages