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Insights into His Commentary on Romans 9-11
Steven C. Boguslawski, OP

“In this landmark contribution to the history of Christian attitudes toward the Jews, Dominican theologian Steven Boguslawski OP maintains that  Thomas Aquinas in his Commentary on Romans uses predestination and election as hermeneutical keys to understand Romans 9-11 and to sustain a positive theological view of the Jewish people. Fr. Boguslawski sets Thomas’ positions in the Summa Theolgiae regarding the Jews – those on significant  policy questions of his times – against the sociohistorical context in which Thomas wrote. Fr. Boguslawski then integrates predestination and election, as treated in the Summa, with their use in the Commentary on Romans, and compares Thomas’ position with that of Augustine’s. Finally, the author asserts that Thomas’ way of reading Romans 9-11 not only corrects and develops the received tradition but also sustains a positive theology of Judaism.

“Teachers and students of the theology of Thomas Aquinas, the theology of St. Paul, Jewish-Christian relations, and soteriology will benefit from this fresh analysis of Aquinas’ seminal writing.”  [From the cover]

Paulist Press, ©2008, Soft cover, 145 pages