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A Pictorial Guide to Herod’s Temple and Its Ceremonies
Packed with Unique Photographs of an Authentic Temple Model
Alec Gerrard

“This full–color book is filled with beautiful photographs of a scale model of Herod’s temple. Each area and item of the temple is discussed in detail, including the inner gates, the porch, the table of showbread, the lamp stand, and the altar of incense.

“This model brings to life the worship, ceremonies, and day-to-day activities of the temple.” [From the cover]

“[The Temple model] measures 6 x 3.6 meters (twenty feet by twelve feet) and is built of baked clay ‘stones’ upon a wooden framework, to make it as authentic as possible. To bring the building to life and to illustrate the activities that went on in it, I have made some four thousand model human figures, again of baked clay, hand-painted in their correct costumes and placed where they would have been engaged in the life of the temple in the first century.” [From the Introduction by Alec Gerrard]

Kregel Publications, Hard cover, ©2000, 96 pages