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University of Mary, J. Reyes, J. Shea
Sequel to From Christendom to Apostolic Mission.

“We are living in a highly religious age. Secular gospels and dogmatic faiths promising salvation are all around us. So what is the belief system, the religious vision, that is displacing Christianity as the assumed narrative by which our post-Christian, modern societies live?
“And what is the religion that we ourselves need to be converted out of, if we are to be fully converted to the Christian faith?” [From the back cover]

“God in Christ came among us to wage a spiritual battle and, in every age since the time of its founding by Christ, the Church has been engaged in a kind of three-front war. On one front, Christians fight an external battle against the unbelief of a fallen world; a second front is an internal battle against disloyalty and corruption among Church members; and most importantly, the third front is a fight against the darkness and unbelief of one particular member of the Church: namely, ourselves.”

“… we should think of ourselves as living in a time not unlike that of the early Christians – an apostolic age.”

“Broadly speaking, this book addresses the question of how the Church can best negotiate the religion of the day along these three main fronts.”  [From the Introduction]

Introduction by Dr. Jonathan Reyes
I. The Religion of the Day
II. Twelve Aspects of Modern Progressive Religion
III. Some Further Notes on Progressive, Neo- Gnostic Religion
IV. Catching All the Disease of the World
V. Fighting the Battle Inside the Church
VI. The Winning Stance
Conclusion: The Kingdom, the Tribulation, and the Patient Endurance

University of Mary Press, ©2023, Soft cover, 142 pages