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According to St.Thomas Aquinas and His Interpreters by Lawrence Feingold

“The principal aim of this book is to examine exactly what St. Thomas means when he speaks of a natural desire to see God, and how the debate over its interpretation bears on fundamental questions concerning the relation between nature and grace.” [From the Introduction]

“This is a stunning book, on many counts: the sheer toil it represents, the amount of information it offers, the force of its arguments, and aove all, the significance of its conclusions. Much of recent Catholic theology turns on the relation between the natural and the supernatural and Feingold’s deep and careful investigation sets the issue in a new light. Theologians and philosophers alike can benefit greatly from it.”
Stephen L. Brock, Pontifical university of the Holy Cross

“Larry Feingold is a first class scholar. Although his work provides a summary of the commentatorial tradition on man’s natural end and the call to supernatural beatitude, this brilliant volume in fact merits Feingold a place alongside the great Thomist commentators that he so thoroughly examines. A rare glimpse at the kind of theology that has sustained the Church for more than six centuries, at least since the death of John Capreolus in 1444.”
Romanus Cessario OP, St. John’s Seminary, Boston, Massachusetts

Sapientia Press, Soft cover, ©2010, 490 pages