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Lewis Glinert

“From Acharon to Zohar, this informative and often humorous dictionary features over six hundred Hebrew words and expressions arranged in alphabetical order (the Roman alphabet is used throughout). The first such guide to Hebrew, this volume is more than a mere lexicon – it is a jubilant celebration of Hebrew itself, a treasure trove of Jewish wit, wisdom, culture, and tradition. Lewis Glinert provides a concise definition of each entry, deftly sketches its place in Jewish life and culture, and then illustrates the word’s usage with generous passages from the Bible and the Talmud, the prayer and the savings of famous rabbis, the razor’s edge of Jewish humor, excerpts from the work of Elie Wiesel, S.Y. Agnon, Naomi Shemer and other contemporary writers, folklore from all over the Jewish world, and colorful slices of modern Israeli life. In addition, Gilbert provides a guide to the Hebrew pronunciation of familiar biblical names and the Hebrew spelling of every word.

“A celebration of Hebrew language and culture, The Joys of Hebrew is a remarkable collections of the best know, most loved Hebrew words and phrases in the English speaking world.

“Lewis Glinert teaches Hebraic Studies at the University of London and is the author of The Grammar of Modern Hebrew and Hebrew in Ashkenaz: A Language in Exile.” [From the cover]


The Entries
The Words in Their Hebrew Lettering
The Hebrew Form of Some Familiar Biblical Names

Oxford University Press, ©1992, Soft cover, 310 pages