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A Catholic Biblical Theology of God’s Temple Presence in the Old and New Testaments
Steven C. Smith
Foreword by Brant Pitre

“This book invites the reader to participate in a unique journey: into a deep exploration of the Old and New Testaments, searching out and contemplating the reality of God’s ‘temple presence’ with his peopile. God has indeed revealed himself ‘in many and various ways’ in Sacrfed Scripture (Heb. 1:1). The raison d’etre of this particular book is to investigate God’s self-revelation to his people in and through his temple presence–in and through the various stages of the biblical Temple.” [From the Introduction]

“I can’t think of anything more important than the retrieval of Catholic biblical theology that Professor Smith accomplishes in this exciting and extraordinary book. A must read for all seminarians and students of Scripture!”

Matthew Levering, James N. and Mary D. Perry Jr. Chair of Theology, Mundelein Seminary [From the cover].


Introduction: An Invitation to Temple Theology

Part 1: Temple Theology in the Old Testament

The Temple of Creation
1. Eden, the Cosmological Temple (I/III)
2. The Sacred Space of the Garden Sanctuary (II/III)
3. “Seven” and the Temple in the Mystery of Creation (III/III)

Temple Priesthood in the Old and New Testament
4. The Priest of Eden in All of His Glory: (I/IV)
5. Priests and Priesthood in the Patriarchal Era (II/IV)
6. The Priesthood of the Levites (III/IV)
7. Jesus, God’s Eternal High Priest (IV/IV)

8. The Holy Tabernacle of the Wilderness: The Presence and Transcendence of Israel’s God

The Temple of Solomon
9. From the Hand of the Lord (I/III)
10. Internalizing and Universalizing God’s Law: The Temple Theology in the Psalms and Wisdom Literature (II/III)
11. They Burned the House of the Lord: The Destruction of the Temple of Solomon (III/III)

12. Rebuilding the House of the Lord: Judaism in the Period of the Second Temple

Part 2: Temple Theology in the New Testament

Temple Theology in the Four Gospels
13. Temple, Messiah, and Kingdom (I/V)
14. In My Father’s House (II/V)
15. Something Greater Than the Temple Is Here (III/V)
16. The Temple of His Body: The Gospel of John (IV/V)
17. Blood and Water: The Passion of the Christ (V/V)

18. The Spirit and the Body: Temple Theology in Acts and Pauline Epistles, the New Creation

19. The Spirit and the Bride: Temple Theology in Hebrews and the Book of Revelation, Eternal Priest

Conclusion: Heirs of the Temple, the Influence of Temple Theology upon Architecture and Worship in the Early Church.

Afterword:   Temple Theology Today

Franciscan University Press, ©2017, Soft cover, 430 pages