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We attempt to publish The Hebrew Catholic four times per year. If you have never received an issue of The Hebrew Catholic, click here to request a sample issue.

Those who affiliate with the AHC obtain The Hebrew Catholic as an affiliation benefit. All others may subscribe. The form for affiliating or subscribing accompanies the sample issue and each issue of The Hebrew Catholic. Affiliation and Sample request forms are also available on the AHC website.

The image of The Hebrew Catholic that is showing with this description is our 1ooth commemorative issue, published  in Summer 2016. This issue also commemorates the 50th year of the Vatican Council II document Nostra Aetate. All subsequent Magisterial documents concerning the mystery of Israel and the changes in Catholic thinking about the Jewish people are contained. You can order this issue here.

You may also view and download previous issues posted on our web site at no cost.