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Rosalie Marie Levy

This brief treatise was written by a woman who converted from Judaism in the early days of the 20th century and who, in her zeal to convince her fellow Jews of the wisdom of her conversion, wrote much in defense of Our Lord and his Church. One of her most famous works is Why Jews Convert – the personal story of many Jews of her day who came to the realization that Jesus was the promised Messiah and who, once having accepted that fact, followed him in the Catholic Church that he founded.

“Given here is the barest sketch of the history of the world, followed by extensive quotes from the ancient Hebrew scriptures and a corresponding text from the New Testament proving their fulfillment. She then discusses the questions “What think you of Christ? Whose Son is He?” and gives the proper answers. Finally, she exhorts her past co-religionists to consider her arguments and then gives a list of hundreds of Jewish converts in an appendix to the work. This is a powerful little tool for both education and evangelization. Loreto’s editors think highly enough of it to have brought it back in to print after an absence of over 70 years.” [From the cover]



  1. History of the Jewish People and the Prophecies Concerning the Messiah
  2. Life of Christ, as Seen in the Prophecies and Their Fulfillment
  3. “What Think You of Christ? Whose Son is He?”
  4. What was Christ’s Mission?
  5. What Must be Our Conclusions?


Loreto Publications, First Edition published 1923, 2012 Edition by Loreto Publications, Softcover, 94 pages