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Unveiling the Mystery of the Last Supper and the Cross
Scott Hahn
Foreward by Brant Pitre

“In a brilliant book – part memoir, part detective story, and part biblical study – Scott Hahn opens up new vistas on ancient landscapes while shedding light on his own enduring faith journey. Simultaneously a prequel and a continuation of his bestselling The Lamb’s Supper, The Fourth Cup not only tracks the author’s gradual conversion along the path of Evangelicalism to the doorsteps of the Catholic faith, but also explores, like never before the often obscure and misunderstood rituals of Passover and their importance in foreshadowing salvation in Jesus Christ.

“… Rooted in Scripture and ingrained with lively history The Fourth Cup delivers a fascinating view of the the bridges that span old and new covenants, and celebrates the importance of the Jewish faith in understanding more fully Christ’s life, death, and resurrection,”  [From cover]

“Read this book. And don’t just read it. Pray about it. Reflect on it. And share it with others.”
Brant Pitre [From the cover]


  1. What Is Finished?
  2. Passover and Covenant
  3. A Typical Sacrifice
  4. Rite Turns
  5. The Paschal Shape of the Gospels
  6. Behold the Lamb
  7. The Lamb From the Beginning
  8. Unleavened Bread
  9. The Cups
  10. The Hour
  11. The Chalices and the Church
  12. The Paschal Shape of the Liturgy
  13. The Christian Passover
  14. The Paschal Shape of Life

Image, 2018, Hard cover, 192 pages