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Judaism and the Origins of Catholic Christianity by Taylor Marshall

The following review by Dr. Jeffrey Morrow, a Hebrew Catholic, is reprinted with permission.

“The Crucified Rabbi is a must read for anyone interested in Catholicism, and especially in Catholicism’s Jewish and biblical roots. As a Jewish convert to Catholicism I was moved at many points in the book where Taylor Marshall so beautifully showed how Catholic Christianity is intimately connected with its Jewish origins. Marshall’s elegant prose is a pleasure to read, and his arguments are compelling. He carefully weaves together personal anecdotes, the lives of Saints, biblical narratives, traditional Jewish literature, as well as magisterial Catholic sources to produce a masterful work of art that is theologically rich.

“From the moment you begin reading, walking with Marshall as he makes his first hospital visit as an Anglican cleric who is only beginning to discover Catholicism’s Jewish and biblical heritage, you will be hooked! Marshall lucidly explains Catholic teachings on marriage, priestly celibacy, as well as the Jewish roots of the Eucharist, Baptism, Mary, the Saints, the Papacy, and so much more. I learned and relearned much from Marshall’s pages and look forward to rereading The Crucified Rabbi soon and to sharing it with family and friends.”

Jeffrey L. Morrow, Ph.D.
Assistant Prof. of Theology, Immaculate Conception Seminary
School of Theology, Seton Hall University, NJ

Table of Contents
How I Discovered the Jewish Origins of Catholicism
1. Jewish Messiah, Catholic Christ
2. Jewish Kingdom, Catholic Church
3. Jewish Tevilah, Catholic Baptism
4. Jewish Passover, Catholic Mass
5. Jewish Kohenim, Catholic Priests
6. Jewish Vestments, Catholic Vestments
7. Jewish Temple, Catholic Cathedral
8. Jewish Synagogue, Catholic Parish
9. Jewish Nazirites, Catholic Monastics
10. Jewish Marriage, Catholic Marriage
11. Jewish Holy Days, Catholic Holy Days
12. Jewish Tzaddikim, Catholic Saints
13. Jewish Afterlife, Catholic Afterlife
Epilogue: Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem
Appendix: Over 300 Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus Christ.

Saint John Press, Soft Cover, ©2009, 208 pages