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Baron Théodore de Bussieres

“Alphonse Ratisbonne was a French Jew who was miraculously converted while at Rome in the Church of San Andrea della Frate. His brother had previously converted and become a Catholic priest, but Alphonse hated the Catholic Church and vowed never to enter. This is the story of the power of prayer and a miracle of grace. It is a powerful , delightful, and consoling story that every apostolic Catholic should know.

“This is how Ratisbonne related his experience in the church that cold day in January of 1842.

” ‘All I can say is that the moment when the Blessed Virgin made a sign with her hand, the veil fell from my eyes; not once veil only, but all the veils which were wrapped around me disappeared, just as snow melts beneath the rays of the sun.

‘I am asked how I attained a knowledge of these truths, since it is well known that I never opened a religious book, had never read a page of the BIble, and that the dogma of original sin, which is either denied or utterly forgotten by modern Jews, had never for a single moment occupied my thoughts – indeed, I doubt whether I had ever heard the words which express it. How, then, did I arrive at a knowledge of it? I know not. All that I know is that when I entered that church I was profoundly ignorant of everything, and that when I came out I saw everything clearly and distinctly.’

“Baron de Bussieres states, ‘We have given in this volume a literal translation of the original accounts of the conversion of M. Alphonse Ratisbonne along with many other letters and documents relation to the miraculous conversion.

“This edition is faithful to the original published in 1842.”  [From the cover]


  • The Conversion of Marie–Alphonse Ratisbonne, Original Narrative of Baron Théodore de Bussieres
  • Letter from Mr. Ratisbonne to Rev. Msgr. Dufriche–Desgenettes, Cure of Notre Dame des Victoires at Paris

Loreto Publications, Originally published in 1842, Soft cover, 80 pages