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by Dr. Brant Pitre

“At the time of Christ, the Jewish people were waiting for the Messiah to come and save his people. The prophets had said that the Messiah would be a priest, prophet, and king. But this is not the whole picture. For they also foretold that that the coming Messiah would also be a bridegroom. According to this ancient belief, the climax of salvation history would actually take place at the great Messianic Wedding Banquet, when the Messiah and his Bride would be wed to one another in an everlasting nuptual covenant.

“In this profound talk, Dr. brant Pitre uses his knowledge of the Old Testament and ancient Judaism to illuminate this mystery of God’s eternal plan to wed himself to humanity in an everlasting marital covenant.

“If you have been wanting to deepen your love for Christ, for the Cross, and for the Eucharist, then this Bible Study is for you.”   [From album cover]

A printable outline of this talk is available here.

Catholic Productions, ©2006, 75 minutes