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One Woman’s Walk Through Judaism and Catholicism: The Sabbath, Marriage, Mass, and the World to Come
Channah Bardan

As both an Observant Jew and a Devout Catholic, Channah Bardan writes about her life, the Sabbath, Marriage, Mass, and the World to Come. The Bride provides a wonderful example of how a Jewish person might live their Catholic faith while preserving their God-given Jewish identity.

“We give thanks to God for this faith-filled work of Channah Bardan. She has blazed a clear trail straight through a dense forest of interfaith dialogue, theological debate, and controversy concerning the possibility or impossibility of just such a journey as this. She has already crossed through a spiritual Red Sea.”

Kathleen M. Moss, Association of Hebrew Catholics  [From the Preface]

“In his book Jewish Identity, Elias Friedman, O.C.D. made the case that the election of the People Israel was intended to continue into the New Covenant, to serve the Church and all peoples. Father did not elaborate on the Jewish traditions that would shape the collective presence of the People within the Church. Rather, he believed that the manner in which their traditions would be lived out would be a matter settled between Hebrew Catholics and Church authorities.

“In The Bride, Channah Bardan fills in the lacuna left by Fr. Friedman. She has given us a wonderful example of how Jewish traditions might be lived out in the Church, by those so inclined. It is these traditions, lived in the light of Christ, that will enable the People to live the Catholic faith as Jews, thereby preserving their collective God-given identity.”

David Moss, Association of Hebrew Catholics  [From the cover]


Chapter 1: Remember and Observe
Chapter 2: L’cha Dodi
Chapter 3: The Light of Shabbat
Chapter 4: Kiddush
Chapter 5: Purification
Chapter 6: Challah
Chapter 7: Shabbat Morning Services
Chapter 8: The Sabbath Day Meal
Chapter 9: Beit Midrash
Chapter 10: Separation
Afterword: Escorting the Queen

The Miriam Press, Softcover, ©2017, 100 pages