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A Novel by Fr. Jacob Restrick, O.P.

“Sr. Mary Baruch is not a ‘millennial.’ But like all of us, she passed through the doors of the new millennium. Unlike most of us, her passage was in a cloistered monastery in Brooklyn Heights, New York. We first met her in The Early Years  and accompanied her through her Middle Ages. In this third volume, we enter with her into the evening hearts, the ‘Vespers,’ of her cloistered life. From her Jewish childhood, the Passover, fulfilled in Chris, becomes her way of life.

“We enter with her into this awesome and transforming Mystery in the ordinary and extraordinary events of her life. Meet her again, with her family and sisters in community, and especially with the Lord.” [From the cover]

Fr. Jacob Restrick, O.P. is a Dominican friar of the Province of St. Joseph. Her served for over a decade as chaplain to communities of contemplative Dominican nuns.

Tan Books, ©2017, Soft cover, 336 pages