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A Novel by Fr. Jacob Restrick, O.P.

“We first met Sr. Mary Baruch in The Early Years, when her name was Rebecca Feinstein. She was a nice Jewish girl from the Upper West Side of Manhattan. To the chagrin of her good family, she became a Catholic, and five years later, at the age of twenty-five, she entered a Dominican cloistered monastery, where she became Sr. Mary Baruch of the Advent Heart. Those were the early years. In this present volume, she’s in her middle ages and passing through her own midlife crisis. Having now been a nun for over twenty-five years, she finds that her family, her Church, her community, and her life are all going through changes and tragedies as the third millennium approaches. Will the Faith save her or lose her?” [From the cover]

Sister Mary Baruch: The Middle Ages is just as dramatic a story – if not more so – as its predecessor, Sister Mary Baruch: The Early Years. How could this be? After all, in The Early Years, our heroine, a young Jewish woman coming of age in 1960s New York City, finds herself drawn inexorably into closer friendship with God, in ways at once wholly strange and entirely familiar. This deepening friendship leads Becky Feinstein first to become a Roman Catholic, and then – as if that weren’t enough to shock her mother – to enter a monastery of Dominican nuns. Shouldn’t that be the end of the excitement? How much adventure could await in the life of a cloistered nun?

‘In truth, the most transformative part of Sr. Mary Baruch’s story only beings after she enters the monastery.”
[From the Foreword]

Fr. Jacob Restrick, O.P. is a Dominican friar of the Province of St. Joseph. Her served for over a decade as chaplain to communities of contemplative Dominican nuns.

Tan Books, ©2016, Soft cover, 264 pages