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The Lion and the Fourth City
Msgr. Michael John Witt

The second volume in a four-volume work detailing the work of Catholic missionaries in the early Midwest, and the founding and growth of Catholic institutions in Saint Louis and surrounding regions in Missouri and Illinois.

“Volume II of Monsignor Michael Witt’s history of the Archdiocese of St. Louis continues his masterful work chronicling the journey of the Catholic peoples of the heartland. Focusing on the the tenure of Bishop Peter Kenrick, we see St. Louis grow from a frontier town to a true metropolitan area. Naturally, this rapid growth and the influx of Catholic immigrants from disparate areas brings many new challenges to the faith. Monsignor Witt, with his deep understanding of the source materials, tells the story of this crucial period with grace and ease. I highly recommend it.”  [From back cover]
Eric Fair, Director, Department of Archives and Records, Archdiocese of Saint Louis.

“This is an enjoyable read for both scholar and general reader. It places in historical context the ecclesiastical history of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis, and highlights the impact of Archbishop Peter Richard Kenrick. Msgr. Witt’s work is a welcome and much needed addition to studies of the nineteenth-century Catholic Church in America. [From back cover]
Kenneth L. Parker, Steber Professor in Theological Studies, Saint Louis University
Interim Executive Director of the National Institute for Newman Studies.


Chapter 1: Kenrick’s Saint Louis: 1841
Chapter 2: The Kenrick Brothers
Chapter 3: Father De Smet
Chapter 4: A Catholic Voice
Chapter 5: Dred and Harriet Scott: No Justice, No Peace
Chapter 6: The Civil Was as Experienced, by Sigel and Bannon
Chapter 7: 1866
Chapter 8: A View From From
Chapter 9: Kenrick Goes to Rome
Chapter 10: Life after the Vatican Council
Chapter 11: Turbulent Times and Creative Growth
Chapter 12: More Parishes and More Languages
Chapter 13: Whirlwinds of Change

The Miriam Press, ©2016, Soft cover, 344 pages