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One Man’s Journey to God
Paul Waldman

“This is the story of a carefree young Jewish man who often dreamed of fame and rarely thought of God, until he was forced to face the unthinkable: life – and death – in a concentration camp. Desperate to survive, he found hope only in God.

“He escaped from Nazi Austria and resettled in America, only to find his greatest journey – his faith journey – was just beginning. Never before had he dreamed he would be a contented, committed Catholic. But despite himself, he came to realize that Christ was indeed his Savior and that true happiness – and freedom – could be found in His Church.

“Follow along as this courageous man tells of his agonizing search for inner peace and of the great gift that made him Richer Than a Millionaire.”

Remnant of Israel, ©1992, Soft Cover, 128 pages