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Ronda De Sola Chervin

“The honors of this world – what are they but puff and emptiness,
and peril of falling?”

“I worry until midnight and from then on I let God worry.”
Louis Guanella

“These memorable quotes of the saints and hundreds more are uniquely organized by theme in this uplifting treasury. In each chapter, you follow a particular theme and journey with the saints as they provide just the right word of wisdom or encouragement in wrestling with doubt and triumph in faith – in experiencing a range of emotion, including sadness and joy, anger and peace, courage and fear.Brief introductions to each chapter provide a couple of stories from the lives of saints that model the journey for us.

Quotable Saints is an inspiring treasury for devotional reading and an invaluable reference for teachers and pastors, at home or in the office.”

CMJ Marian Publishers, ©1992, Soft cover, 227 pages.