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Ronda De Sola Chervin

“Praise to you, Spirit of Fire! to you who sound the timbrel and lyre. Your music sets our minds ablaze. The strength of our souls awaits your coming in the tent of meeting.”
Hidegard of Bingen

This lyrical and imaginative prayer invoking the Holy Spirit was penned by a famous medieval mystic and is but a sample of the many stirring prayers in this collection. Journey in prayer with great women mystics and through the prism of mystical prayer, glimpse their profound intimacy with God. Gertrude the Great, Birgitta of Sweden, Julian of Norwich, Catherine of Siena, Teresa of Avila, and fourteen more mystics are included.

“Each chapter on a particular mystic includes commentary on her life and spirituality and a selection of prayers organized by key themes. Prayers of the Women Mystics will appeal to all Christians who desire deeper intimacy with God, especially those attracted to mystical experience and prayer.” [From the cover]

Servant Publications, ©1992, Softcover, 255 pages