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A Compilation of International Evidence Revealing the Wartime Acts of the Vatican
Compiled and Edited by Gary L. Krupp (Jewish)

Note: The following material is taken from the web site promoting this book.

“A large body of literature exists, which suggests and contributes to the erroneous presumption that Pope Pius XII was a virulent anti-Semite who acted only in the interest of Vatican assets. The distortion continues, that Pius XII was a Nazi collaborator, who endorsed the Nazi movement to defeat Communism and that he helped Nazi war criminals escape justice. Our findings however provide documentary, eyewitness, and other scholarly sourced material that clearly demonstrates the error of these suppositions.

“The reality of this argument remains; the evidence is contradictory. Many premature conclusions can be attributed to difficulties in obtaining original materials, accessing Vatican Secret Archives or even, unfortunately, anti-Catholic propaganda created by governments as a result of Cold War activities, or individual biases by both Catholics and Jews.

“It is for this reason that Pave the Way Foundation decided to make as much information available for worldwide study as possible. To date, the foundation has identified and provided, on our website, over seventy thousand pages of research material, including original documents, news reports, video eyewitness testimonies, and previously, limited-access, Vatican materials.”

About Gary Krupp

“A politically aware teenager in Queens in the 1960s, Gary Krupp shared the prevailing negative opinion of Pope Pius XII, the controversial leader of the Roman Catholic Church during World War II. Today, he is one of the pope’s most vocal defenders in the Jewish community.

“A retired medical services entrepreneur, Mr. Krupp created Pave the Way Foundation in support of promoting tolerance and understanding, by enhancing relations between religions through cultural, technological and intellectual gestures.

“As a gesture of gratitude in recognition of his dedicated and tireless efforts on behalf of Catholic-Jewish and Vatican-Israeli relations, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI has bestowed the rank of Knight Commander with a Silver Star of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great upon Mr. Gary Krupp of New York”

About the book

“Outlines the activities of anti-Catholic organizations and political forces that served to obscure the many works of the Church to combat Nazism, even before it came to power. Then Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, later Pope Pius XII, was at the vanguard of that fight. The anti-Church propaganda campaign consisted of such publications as John Cornwell’s book. “Hitler’s Pope” and Rolf Hochhuth’s fictitious play, “The Deputy”. Both are thoroughly examined within. The activities of the KGB’s “Disinformation Network” with regards to anti-Catholic sentiments are also taken up. In effect, the reader will be enlightened by this revelatory work, in which the true details of the Church’s heroic involvement during the horrors of World War II are fully examined.”

Pave the Way Foundation, Softcover, ©2010, Large format: 9×11 inches