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The Stages of God’s Plan
Stephen Clark

Emmaus Road Publishing

“While the Old Testament books are directed to the people of Israel, they also bear great significance for Christians who can decipher in Old Testament writings the gradual phases of God’s salvific plan. In The Old Testament in Light of the New: The Stages of God’s Plan by Stephen B. Clark, the author provides a comprehensive presentation of how and why the Old Testament forms part of the Christian Bible and offers a program for how to read the Old as a Christian – namely, in the light of the New.” [From the cover]

“Many Christians are perplexed about how to understand the relevance of the Old Testament to the Christian life. Stephen Clark has made a useful and ecumenically sensitive contribution to understanding this important issue.” Ralph Martin STD, Sacred Heart Major Seminary

Emmaus Road Publishing, ©2017, Softcover, 576 pages


Foreword by Daniel Keating
Part 1: The Stages of God’s Plan

Introduction to the Topic
1. Genesis 1: The Creation
2. Genesis 2-4: Paradise Lost
3. Spiritual Interpretations
4. Genesis 5-11: Noah and the Flood
5. The Stages of God’s Plan: The Elements
6. Genesis 12-25: Abraham and Friendship with God
7. Exodus to Joshua: The Exodus
8. Exodus to Deuteronomy: The Law
9. Samual, KIngs, and Chronicles: David the King
10. Christ and the New Covenant
11. The Completion of the New Covenant
12. The Stages of God’s Plan: Development
Appendices to Part 1

Part II: Theological Exegesis and History
13. Modern Scholarship and Reading the Old Testament
14. Scriptural Interpretation and Literary Genre
15. Presuppositions
16. Genesis1, Genesis 2, and Source Criticisim
17. Anthropomorphism
18. Analogical Discourse
19. The Intent of the Author(s)
20. Eisegesis and Ideological Exegesis
21. Historical Reliability
22. Spiritual Tranposition