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The Messianic Kingdom of Israel by Lawrence Feingold

“This book grew out of a lecture series entitled: Mystery of Israel and the Church: Themes of the Kingdom, organized by the Association of Hebrew Catholics and held in the fall of 2008 in the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, Missouri. Three chapters (7, 12, and 14) have been added from subsequent lecture series on St. Paul and the early Fathers.

“The principal focus of the lectures is the Kingdom of God that Christ established in the Catholic Church  and the relationship between Israel and the Church in God’s plan. In our time many  Jews are coming to recognize Jesus as the Messiah while not yet recognizing the Catholic Church as the Kingdom founded by Him, in which the believers have the fullness of access to Him. Indeed, Jesus cannot be fully understood or embraced apart from His Church, prefigured by Biblical Israel.” [From the Preface}


1. People of God and Kingdom of God
2. Prophecies of the Messianic Kingdom
3. The Parables of the Kingdom of God
4. The Church is Catholic: The Ingathering of the Nations
5. The Church is One
6. The Church is Apostolic
7. Apostolic Tradition and the “Oral Torah”
8. The Sanctity of the Church
9. Universal Call to Holiness in Israel and the Church
10. The Portrait of the Church in the Acts of the Apostles
11. The Church as the Body of Christ According to St. Paul
12. Justification and Sanctification in the Church
13. Israel and the Church in the Letter to the Galatians
14. Israel and the Church: Continuity and Discontinuity
15. Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope and Mother of the Church

Imprimatur: Most Reverend Robert J. Hermanm
Auxilary Bishop of St. Louis, August 2010

You may listen to the lectures on the AHC website here.

The Miriam Press, Soft Cover, ©2010, 277 pages