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Israel, the Church and the World
Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
Foreward by Scott Hahn

“In Many Religions, One Covenant, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger spans the deep divides in modern Catholic scholarship to present a compelling biblical theology, modern in its concerns yet classical in its breadth. It is his classical mastery, his ressourcement, that enables the Cardinal to build a bridge.

“Cardinal Ratzinger seeks to deepen our understanding of the Bible’s most fundamental principle. The covenant defines religion for Christians and Jews. We cannot discern God’s design or his will if we do not meditate upon his covenant.

“The covenant, then, is the principle that unites the New Testament with the Old, the Scriptures with Tradition, and each of the various branches of theology with all the others. The covenant does more than bridge the gaps between these elements; it fills in the gaps, so that biblical scholarship, dogmatic theology, and magesterial authority all stand on common ground — solid ground.”

    “A book we have long awaited. By renewing the Church’s appreciation of the new covenant, Cardinal Ratzinger proposes a fully integrated Christian life, with Christ at the center of the Scriptures, but also at the center of the Church today. For in the Eucharist he is still, as ever, fulfilling the old covenant and ratifying the new.”
    —Scott Hahn,Author,Rome Sweet Home
    “In this book, little in appearance but great in importance, Cardinal Ratzinger with sapiential depth and theological clarity sheds new light on the dialogue of religions and especially on the relation between Israel and the Church, showing the inner continuity and unjity of the two Testaments, of God’s promise to Abraham and his covenant(s) with Israel and the fulfillment of the Law by Jesus on the Cross.”
    —Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, Archbishop of Vienna
    “A clear assessment of the covenants of God with his people. This timely book will improve dialog and understanding between all those who love and serve the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—especially important as we enter the third millennium.”
    —Stephen K. Ray, Author,

Upon this Rock

All the above taken from the cover.
Ignatius Press, ©1998, 113 pages