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Collected from the Correspondence of Charles Rich with Ronda Chervin
Edited by Ronda Chervin

“This is the sixth book in the corpus of works by and about Charles Rich, a lay contemplative, who lives in New York. Charlie, as he is known to his friends, wrote his autobiography four years ago, at the insistence of his many admirers, and has subsequently had a biography written, and a first volume of ledgers edited by his long-time friend, Ronda Chervin. Many readers of that first volume, The Holy Dybbuk, refreshed and inspired by Charlie’s letters, have asked for more. thus this second volume.

“Charlie writes almost exclusively of spiritual realities – not primarily spiritual realities of the present but rather of his foretaste of these realities as he is sure they will be in eternity.

“Now in his ninety-fifth year, Charlie is astoundingly alive, making new disciples, and still writing letters, ever more profound, as he approaches the eternity of union with God which has always been his sole goal.”  [From the cover].

Originally: St. Bede’s Publications ©1994; Now: Fordham University Press ©2002, 
Soft cover, 110 pages.