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A Jewish-Christian Dialogue
Edited by David G. Dalin and Matthew Levering

“The twentieth century will forever be marked by the horrific event of the Shoah, which the future John Paul II witnessed during the Nazi occupation of Poland. This book reflects upon his achievements in improving relations between the Catholic Church and the Jewish people and continues the theological and philosophical dialogue that he cherished. As Dostoevsky warned before the horrors of the twentieth century: ‘without God, anything is permitted.’ Following John Paul II, we discover that our search for meaning and truth is one that needs to be undertaken arm in arm.”

“This remarkable book exemplifies the wisdom of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel who said, ‘interfaith dialogue begins with faith.’ In these pages, the deepest differences are not ignored but respectfully engaged and imaginatively explored.”

Rev. Richard J Neuhaus, editor in chief of First Things

“This volume, written by leading Catholic and Jewish thinkers, exemplifies interreligious dialogue at its best.”

Jonathan D. Sarna, Professor of American Jewish History, Brandeis University

  • David G. Dalin is an ordained rabbi and professor of history and politics at Ave Maria University in Florida.
  • Mathew Levering is associate professor of theology at Ave Maria University in Florida.   [From the cover]


Foreword, Robert P. George

Introduction, David G. Dalin and Matthew LeveringPart I: Historical Reflections

  1. John Paul II: A Biblical Pilgrim in the World; George Weigel
  2. John Paul II and the Jews; David G. Dalin
    Part II: Ethical Reflections
  3. John Paul II and the Moral Ground of the Polis: Reclaiming the Jewish-Catholic Ground; Hadley Arkes
  4. Natural Law and Divine Command: Some Thoughts on Veritatis Splendor; David Novak
  5. The Asymmetrical Relation: Novak and Novak; Michael Novak
    Part III: Biblical-Systematic Reflections
  6. Reclaiming God’s Providence: John Paul II, Maimonides, and Aquinas; Matthew Levering
  7. Elder Brothers: John Paul II’s Teaching on the Jewish People as a Question to the Church; Bruce D. Marshall
  8. “Man is the Land”: The Sacramentality of the Land of Israel; Gregory Vall

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, ©2008, Soft cover,  208 pages