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A Catholic Approach to Messianic Judaism
Antoine Levy, OP
Foreword by Mark S. Kinzer

“The idea of a Jewish Church has been banned from the Christian horizon for almost two millennia. But things are changing. Since the middle of the 1970’s the Messianic Jewish movement has strived to build an ecclesial home for all Jewish believers in Christ. This new phenomenon brings to life issues that had disappeared since the first centuries of the Church. What does it mean to be a Jew in the Church? Should there be a distinction between Jews and non-Jews among believers in Christ? Is such a distinction compatible with the unity of the whole Body of Christ so ardently preached by Paul? What lifestyle should this Church promote? In his various works, Mark Kinzer, a prominent Messianic Jewish theologian, has attempted to provide substantial answers to these questions. With Kinzer, Levy has launched the “Helsinki Consultation,’ a cross-denominational gathering of Jewish theologians. In this book, Levy examines Kinzer’s positions critically, bringing forward an alternative vision of what a ‘Jewish Church’ could and should be. This is only the beginning of what promises to be a fascinating discussion.”

“Levy, a Catholic Jew, is facing the most crucial challenge of a full catholic Ekklesia head on: how do the two parts of humanity, the Jew and the non-Jew, come into the one fully restored Catholic Church of Jesus Christ? This book is a timely celebration of the ‘coming home’ of Jews who believe in Jesus in the living Body of the Messiah.”

Benjamin Berger, Shepherd of Jerusalem Messianic Congregation,
Kehilat ha’Seh al Har Zion

“Fr. Levy has written an important book. With his critical analysis of various positions, he has profoundly and convincingly presented a case for continued Jewish identity and practice in Jesus. A challenge to church leaders and to Messianic Jews on the ecclesial unity of the Church.”

Daniel Juster, founding president of Tikun International and the
Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations

“Fr. Levy enters into a critical conversation with the Messianic Jewish theology of Mark Kinzer and addresses the ecclesial status of the Jewish people within the Catholic Church. Levy’s masterful presentation introduces critical considerations in the ongoing and vital theological discussions concerning the Jewish people and the Church.”

David Moss, president, Association of Hebrew Catholics

“Fr. Antione Levy has written a very important book in which he engages in an intensive ecumenical dialogue with the ecclesiology of Mark Kinzer, perhaps the most articulate and profound exponent of the theology of Messianic Judaism. Levy shares the foundational conviction of Kinzer on the need for a Jewish corporate presence in the Church. He differs quite substantially, however, on the ecclesial and liturgical forms of this presence. A very fruitful dialogue indeed.”

Lawrence Feingold, Ave Maria University

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Foreword by Mark S. Kinzer
Technical Foreword

Introduction: The Purpose of a Critical Conversation with Mark Kinzer

I.  Salvation (From Post-Missionary to Pre-Patristic Messianic Judaism)

  1. Mystery of the Church and Mystery of Israel according to Recent Magisterium
  2. Rethinking the Salvation of Israel in the New Testament

II.  Torah

  1. Origin and Configuration of the Problem
  2. Combinatory Modes and Theological Issues
  3. “Continuity Model” versus “Messianic-Torah Model”:
    What New Testament Halacha for the Jewish Disciples of Jesus?

III. Ekklesia

  1. Structure
  2. Sacramental Life and Hierarchic Organization
  3. Charisma and Institution: Distinction and Interaction between Apostolic Authority and the Jewish Presence in the Church
  4. The Shaping of a Living Tradition
  5.  Jewish Reappropriation of Christian Tradition
  6. Ecclesial and Political Situation of a Jewish ekklesia
  7. The Ecumenical Dimension of a Jewish ekklesia

Conclusion: The Wider Fence
Name Index
Index of Scripture, Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha

Fr. Antoine Levy is a Dominican priest.

Lexington Books, ©2021, Hard cover, 434 pages