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Ed. Robert Royal

“Jacques Maritain, one of the most prominent twentieth=century Catholic philosophers and social theorists, played a crucial role in the development of modern Catholic teaching about the people of Israel. Today relations between Christians and Jews have reached an historically unprecedented cordiality and the seventeen essays in this volume reveal the process by which Maritain’s thought and work contributed to this development.

“Here Maritain’s thought on Jew and Judaism are examined from historical, philosophical, and theological perspectives. Part I provides an historical analysis of the development and consequences of Maritain’s  thought regarding the Jews. Spurred by the rise of Nazism in the  1930’s and its virulent anti-Semitism, he became an eloquent spokesman for the rights of Jews, the mystery of Israel, and the spiritual kinship between Jews and Christians. The essays in Part II focus on Maritain’s personal relationships iwth such figures as Léon Bloy, Charles Péguy, and Henri Bergson, among others. Here his reflections on the Dreyfus Affair, Action Française, and the French Resistance are highlighted, with particular attention given to his work on behalf of Jews during World War II and the Second Vatican Council. The selections included in Part III show how Maritain’s thought developed and how it may be extended and applied to the Christian Jewish dialogue of today.”  [From the cover]


A Tale of Two Peoples: An Introduction, Robert Royal

Part I: The Man and His Thought

The Origin and Development of Maritain’s Idea of the Chosen People, Bernard Doering
Always the Metaphysician: Maritain’s Ontology of Anti-Racism, Raymond Dennehy
The Mystery of the “Mystery of Israel”, James V. Schall
Jacques Maritain’s Vision of Judaism and Anti-Semitism, Rabbi Leon Klenicki
The Jews in the “New Middle Ages”: Jacques Maritain’s Anti-Semitism in Its Times, John Hellman
Maritain and the Jewish Question, Vittorio Possenti
Maritain and the Jews, Michael Novak

Part II: Friends and Related Issues

Maritain and Bergson: A Friendship Regained, Ralph Nelson
Images of Indestructible Israel: Raïssa Maritain on Marc Chagall, Judith D. Suther
Raïssa’s Hasidic-Catholic Spirituality, Astrid M. O’Brien
Bloy, Maritain, and Salvation by the Jews, William Bush
Péguy, Dreyfus, Maritain, Robert Royal
Hilaire Belloc and the Jews, Desmond FitzGerald
Anti-Semitism, Capitalism, and Democracy, Peter A. Redpath

Part III: Three Memoirs

The Reception of the Maritain Medal, Donald Arthur Gallagher
Cher ami et maître, Msgr. John M. Oesterreicher
A Personal Memoir, Ramon Sugranyes de Franch


These Little Ones, Leo R. Ward
A Select Bibliography on Jacques Maritain’s Writings on Jews, Christians, and Anti-Semitism, Charles O’Donnell

UND, Soft cover, ©1994, 285 pages