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Michel Remaud
Preface by Fadiev Lovsky
Translated by Margaret Ginzburg and Nicole François

“What is the significance for Christians of the continued existence of the Jewish people after twenty centuries of Christianity?

“Why, when the Second Vatican Council wanted to talk warmly about Judaism, could it find so little that was positive in the Christian heritage about the people from whom Christianity originates?

“At a time of bloodshed in the Holy Land, and continued misunderstanding between religions, this book offers us the opportunity to rediscover truths which are too easily overlooked or repressed. Since the shock of Hitler’s attempt to annihilate the Jewish people, many Christians have discovered a new respect the for the Judaism that is at the very source of their faith. This book is a significant milestone along this theological, social anjd political path. It will be of interest to both Jewish and Christian readers throughout the world, and wherever Jews and Christians find themselves living in close relationship with each other.”

“Dr. Michel Remaud FMI is a teacher and writer. He studied at the Catholic University in Paris, and presently lives and works in Jerusalem.”   [From the cover].

T & T Clark, Softcover, ©2003 – this translation taken from 2nd edition CCEJ-Tatisbonne, 1996, 153 pages

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