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Walking the Path of Prayer with Jesus
Brant Pitre

“The path of following Jesus is an ancient spiritual tradition. Yet many believers are not familiar with the three major forms of prayer and the three stages of spiritual growth that exist to bring them closer to God.

“In his most personal book yet, Brant Pitre, PhD, draws on the riches of the BIble, the words of Jesus, and the writing of the mystics across the centuries to shed light on the mystery–and wonder–of the spiritual life.” [From the cover]

“… In order to really understand the words and actions of Jesus, we need to situate them in their ancient Jewish context. That is what we are going to do in this book. We are going to explore Jesus and the Jewish roots of the spiritual life.” [From the introduction]

“What happens when a biblical theologian explores classic spirituality? This book. Spirituality is not a state, or a talent, or an attribute – it is a path given by Jesus. So, Brant Pitre carefully checks the Jewish background of Jesus and thoughtfully absorbs the tradition that flows from Jesus, in order to brilliantly explain what Jesus initiated. Pitre’s students have asked, Why have we never heard this before? The reader wonders the same.

Dr. David Fagerberg, author of Liturgical Mysticism [From the cover]



1. Vocal Prayer
2. Meditation
3. Contemplatino

The Spiritual Path
4. The First Step
5. The Ten Commandments
6. The Three Temptations
7. Fasting
8. ALmsgiving
9. The Lord’s Prayer

Vices and Virtues
10. The Seven Sins
11. Pride vs Humility
12. Envy vs Mercy
13. Anger vs Meekness
14. Avarice vs Generosity
15. Lust vs Chastity
16. Glutony vs Temperance
17. Sloth vs Diligence
18. Sorrow vs Patience

Making Progress
19. Examination of Heart
20. Lectio Divina and Jacob’s Ladder
21. The Battle of Prayer
22. The Dark Night
23. The Living Water

Image, ©2021, Hard cover, 338 pages