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John Paul II
Christian and Jewish Perspectives by Yehezkel Landau and Michael McGarry, CSP; Edited by Lawrence Boadt CSP and Kevin di Camillo

“Pope John Paul II has been the undisputed leader in fostering Jewish Christian dialogue for over twenty-five years. He has labored intensely to change the hearts and minds of both sides and has never been afraid to acknowledge the sins committed by Christian people against Jews. His visit to the Middle East in March 2000, when he was able to visit the places where Jesus had lived and walked, was a moving and extraordinaily rich experience, both for him personally and for the Catholic Church. However, it also gave rise to a certain amount of rumor and misunderstanding among Jewish, Christian, and Muslim residents of the region. This book forthrightly addresses these doubts and suspicions by documenting the pope’s itinerary and recording the speeches that the pope gave at each stop along the journey. Replete with commentaries by Yehezkel Landau of Hartford Seminary and Michael McGarry of the Tantur Ecumenical Institute, along with maps and photos, this book is a historical record of a most historic pilgrimage.”  [From the cover]

Paulist Press, ©2005, Soft cover, 156 pages