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Sixteen Jews Find the Sweetness of Christ, Compiled by Roy Schoeman

“Roy Schoeman, a Jewish convert to Catholicism, and best-selling author of Salvation Is From the Jews, once again shows the clear links between Judaism and Catholicism in this compilation of inspiring stories of sixteen Jews who, as Schoeman says, became “fulfilled Jews” through their spiritual journeys to the Catholic Church. Using the rich image of Psalm 81 for the book’s title, Schoeman shows how God gave the Jews at Meribah refreshing water from the rock struck by Moses, and how He promised ever so much more when they would turn their whole hearts to Him – He would give them honey, sweetness itself, from the rock. The sweetness of Christ.

“The sixteen people people whose stories are told here include some Jews who came from secularized, liberal or even atheistic backgrounds, while others came from Orthodox Judaism, or even Hasidism. Some were well trained Jews, others unschooled in Judaism; some rich and wildly successful, others down and out. Their common link was that they all had a profound longing for God which gave them no peace until they found God Himself in the Catholic Church.” [From the cover]

The following people are included:

• Alphonse Ratisbonne
• Hermann Cohen
• David Goldstein
• Rabbi Israel Zolli
• Charlie Rich
• Father Arthur B.Klyber, C.Ss.R
• Sonia Katzmann (Sr. Mary Samuele)
• Ronda Chervin, Ph.D.
• David Moss
• Rosalind Moss
• Judith Cabaud
• Marilyn Prever
• Father Peter Sabbath
• Steven Block
• Bob Fishman, BSCD
• Roy Schoeman

Ignatius Press, Soft Cover, ©2007, 289 pages