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Letters of Charles Rich Contemplative
Edited by Ronda Chervin

“Twenty years ago … I had the joy of meeting a giant of the Faith – a lay contemplative, Charles Rich.

“He is my closest friend and yet we rarely see each other … The nature of the tie was never based on visits, projects, or even natural affinity, but rather on a mysterious grace-filled unity of spirit. The letters, which are excerpted in this volume, grew infrequency from being a delightful break from the busyness of my very full life, into a daily correspondence – a journal of the interior experience of God shared between us.

“Now, one of the strongest themes funning through the letters of Charles Rich is that the way of spiritual love in Christ is a foretaste of heaven. Already in this life, if we are careful to purify our love of anything not of Him, we can experience the joy of the union of persons which will be ours completely in eternity.

“And so, I boldly dub my great friend ‘the holy dybbuk’ (based on the stage play The Dybbuk) – for in his daring prayers of unity with God … he truly knows how to enter into the very fiber of the being of the beloved.

“My prayer is that … the fire of the love with which the Holy Spirit has infused this writer of such passionate letters may enter your own heart. May come to know through him … more of the ‘height, length, the depths of the love that is in Christ Jesus.’ ”  [From the Introduction included on the back cover.]

Originally: St. Bede’s Publications ©1998; Now: Forham University Press ©2002,
Soft cover, 149 pages