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Vol. 1 of the Holocaust Survivor Cookbook
Recipes your family will enjoy . . . Stories they will never forget.

The Caras Family

In 2005, Joanne Caras and Gisela Zerykier travelled to Israel to visit their children. While there, they visited Carmei Ha’ir Soup Kitchen. “Joanne was so impressed with the soup kitchen that she thought they were in a restaurant. Waiters take orders and serve meals to people at their tables. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Those who can afford to pay do so and those who can not afford to pay do not. Money is  collected after meals in a tzedekah (ed. charity) box.

“Joanne was so moved by what she saw that she decided to raise money to support the soup kitchen.” The children, Jonathan and Sarah, “came up with the idea to put together a cookbook of great Jewish recipes.”

Following the death of Gisela’s beloved mother, “Gisela wrote a very moving tribute to her mother, who was a Holocaust survivor. “After reading Gisela’s beautiful e-mail, Joanne immediately thought of a new concept for the cookbook – great Jewish recipes from the families of Holocaust Survivors, accompanied by the stories of those Survivors.

“This cookbook contains stories from across the United States, Canada, South America, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South Africa, and even some that came from people who escaped to Asia.”  [From the Introduction]

“Whenever you serve a recipe from this cookbook to your family, please be sure to read them the story of the Survivor that goes with the recipe.”  [From How to Use This Cookbook]

These cookbooks are sold with the following intentions:

  1. to raise money for Jewish charities and organizations
  2. to help feed poor Israelis
  3. to honor all survivors and keep their memories alive for generations to come.

CAI, Hard cover with rings, ©2007, 350 pages