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Reflections on the Holy See’s Document We Remember
Introduction by Lawrence Boadt, CSP.
Commentaries by Avery Dulles, S.J. and Rabbi Leon Klenicki
An address by Edward Idris Cardinal Cassidy

Reflections “on the landmark declaration of the Catholic Church issued by the Vatican in 1998 that acknowledges and seeks forgiveness for the participation of Christians in the terrible evil of the Nazi persecution and systematic annihilation of the Jewish people, which is called in all of its horror simply ‘the Holocaust’ (in Hebrew, the Shoah). The book contains the full text of the Holy See’s document, with its introduction by Pope John Paul II himself, as well as the explanatory address to the American Jewish Committee by Cardinal Edward Idris Cassidy, the president of the Vatican Commission for  Religious Relations With the Jews. It also contains essays by two important theological thinkers, one a Jew and one a Catholic, both deeply concerned with interreligious dialogue. Rabbi Leon Klenicki sums up a number of Jewish perspectives on the strengths and weaknesses of the statement, while noted theologian Avery Dulles, S.J., explores the various Catholic responses to the Holocaust in the past and how this document breaks new ground. Cardinal Cassidy’s statement explains both the background to the document, emphasizing the central importance of repentance (teshuvah) to the document, and its unequivocal rejection of those who deny the Holocaust ever happened.

“This is a valuable sourcebook for understanding one of the most important Vatican statements on interreligious dialogue ever issued.” [From the cover]

PAU, Soft cover, ©2001, 92 pages