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Belgian Nuns and Their Daring Rescue of Young Jews from the Nazis
Susanne Vromen

“In its relentless racist attack lasing from 1939 to 1945, the Nazi Holocaust exterminated 1.5 million innocent Jewish children throughout Europe. The one hundred thousand or so who survived came to be know as the ‘hidden children.’ In this book, some of them reflect ontheir past as youngsters sheltered in Belgian convents. Also included are the the rarely heard voices of several of the nuns who protected them. Interviews with members of the Committee for the Defense of Jews, a Resistance network whose members escorted the children from their parents to the convents, add suspense and complete the picture.” [From the introduction]

“Suzanne Vromen’s deeply moving book abou Jewish children hidden in Belgian convents during World War II is an extraordinary study of human courage, devotion, and transcendent spirit. Capturing the voices of those who were saved and of their rescuers, Vromen illuminates history and offers us inspiration.” [From the cover]

Susannah Heschel, author of Abraham Geiger and the Jewish Jesus



  1. The Children
  2. The Nuns
  3. The Escorts and the Resistance
  4. Memory and Commemoration

Appendix: Nuns Honored as Righteous Among the Nationsk

Oxford University Press, ©2008, Soft cover, 197 pages