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The Foundations of Jewish–Christian Dialogue
Pinchas E. Lapide

“For anyone interested in Jewish-Christian relations in any aspect, this work opens up new vistas by providing a fund of information that is unique and has until now been largely inaccessible.  The title certainly gives the impression that this book is concerned with a history of the use made of Hebrew on the part of Christian theology. But it is in fact, to the best of my knowledge, the only comprehensive attempt made thus far to survey all the efforts made among Christians and Jews from New Testament times for whatever reason to translate the New Testament and also the Christian liturgy into Hebrew …

“Another virtue is the author’s intimate knowledge of not only Biblical, but also of Mishnaic and Modern Hebrew, which has enabled him to appreciate the various translation efforts with acute sensitivity. As a result, this work is virtually a catalogue of successes and failures in mutual understanding, exhibiting the full range of misunderstandings that have proceeded from the misconceptions of each other developed on either side.”  [From the Foreword by Helmut Gollwitzer, Free University of Berlin.]

Eerdmans, ©1984, Softcover, 266 pages