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A Story of Conversion
Ellery Mauceri

“Every Sunday I would hear the church bells in our village pealing… I would always hop up onto my mother’s window seat so I could see the people going in—especially the children at Easter time, all dressed up with their best hats, coats and gloves. I wonder why I never questioned what they were going in for, but then I had never heard the word God mentioned except when I sneezed! Any religious activi-ties were completely social. We would go to Temple on high holy days and occasionally for Friday service…”

“With wit, sensitivity and moving candor, Ellery Mauceri recounts her long, fascinating journey from New York Jewish girl to committed Catholic. She was not seeking God, but He sought her relentlessly. A personal crisis brought Ellery to the unthinkable: secretly asking Mary, the mother of Jesus, for help. And this Jewish mother led Ellery swiftly and surely to her Son.” [From cover]

New Hope Publications, ©2011, 61 pages