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Judith Cabaud

“Eugenio Zolli, Chief Rabbi of Trieste, then of Rome, during the Second World War, exegete and professor at the University of Padua, is a prophet for our time, charged with asking a single question: Why? This question was a grace from God that set him off on his course as a scholar and a mystic. A subject of controversy since his death in 1956, Zolli nevertheless remains a model of true ecumenism between Jews and Christians through his honesty and his search for the whole truth. In trying to explore the missing link between the Old and New Testament, he discovered the love of God for all humanity. In this way, his life experience led him to Jesus Christ, in itself a prophecy of the New World mentioned in the Holy Scripture.”  [From the cover]

“Judith Cabaud is an American born French writer and musicologist. She comes from a Jewish family of Polish and Russian heritage. After studying science at New York University, she went to Paris and obtained her degree in French civilization in 1060 at the Sorbonne, and converted to Catholicism. A musicologist and a professor of English, she is the author of several books on relations between Judaism and Christianity, the role of Pius XII during World War II, and the Grand Rabbi of Rome, Eugenio Zolli.” [From the cover]

En Route Books and Media LLC, ©2021, Soft cover,  245 pages