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A Christian Israelology in Dialogue with Ongoing Jerusalem
Matthew Levering

“The primary goal of the present volume is to undertake, within Catholic dogmatics, a full-fledged treatment of the central realities of God’s biblical people Israel. Absent contemplation of the main elements of Israel’s covenantal life with God, Catholic dogmatics suffers a twofold deprivation: of the dogmatic place of Israel to the Christ and, indeed, to all the loci of Christian dogmatics. …
“As befits a Christian Israelology, I actively seek to learn from Jewish scholars. Each chapter mounts a theological dialogue with one or more Jewish thinkers. David Novak, from whom I have already learned much in previous weeks, is my central interlocutor in two chapters, on the land and the Davidic kingship, respectively. Franz Rosenzweig and Abraham Joshua Heschel contribute to the chapter on Scripture and creation ex nihilo. Jonathan Sacks to the chapter on the exodus. Joseph B. Soloveitchik to the chapter on the Torah, and Jonathan Klawans to the chapter on the temple. Along the way I discuss the viewpoints of many other Jewish theologians, philosophers, and exegetes. In setting forth their perspectives for the purposes of my Christian Israelology, I seek ‘to see things as Judaism sees them as a result of its particular experiences’ and to do so appreciatively, ‘without feeling called to sit in judgment on the way of life of the Jewish people in our own day.’” [From the Introduction, page 3]



  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Jewish-Christian Dialogue
  • Chapter 2: Creation and Scripture
  • Chapter 3: Exodus
  • Chapter 4: Tora
  • Chapter 5: Temple
  • Chapter 6: Land
  • Chapter 7: King
  • Conclusion

“Some years ago, the late Cardinal Avery Dulles, the most distinguished American Catholic theologian, told me he considered Matthew Levering ‘the most up and coming young Catholic theologian in the world.’ This new book shows us once again that Cardinal Dulles’s prediction was not exaggerated. This new book is a testament to Matthew Levering’s faith, his learning, his insightfulness, and his commitment to a theologically vibrant relationship with ‘ongoing Judaism.’ Well done!”

David Novak, University of Toronto

“This is systematic and biblical theology at its best, thought through in the company of some of the greatest modern Jewish thinkers. Levering manages to keep intact fulfillment without supersessionism, reverence and respect toward the Jewish people with a deeply confessional Catholic-ecumenical approach. Levering does this walking a daring tightrope addressing the most difficult topics that are unresolved between Jews and Catholics. A landmark book.

Gavin D’Costa, author of Catholic Doctrines on the Jewish People after Vatican II.

“In this deeply learned and religiously sensitive volume, the reader will enter a discussion like no other about the place of Israel within the domain of Christian theology. The place of Judaism within the theological work of the church will look different after working through these illuminating pages.”

Gary A. Anderson, University of Notre Dame

Cascade Books, ©2021, Soft cover, 558 pages