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The Story of My Life
Ronda De Sola Chervin

This book is the sequel to the first part of Ronda Chervin’s autobiography, published in 1994. Ronda was co-founder along with Msgr. Eugene Kevane, David Moss, and others of the Association of Hebrew Catholics in the U.S.

“Ronda De Sola Chervin has a Ph.D. in philosophy from Fordham University and an M.A. in Religious Studies from Notre Dame Apostolic Institute. She is a conver tot he Catholic faith from a Jewish but atheistic background.

“Dr. Ronda has been a professor at Loyola Marymount University, St. John’s Seminary of the Los Angeles Archdiocese, Franciscan University of Steudbenville, Our Lady of Corpus Christi, and Holy Apostles in Connecticut. Dr Ronda resents on EWTN and Catholic radio. She is a dedicated widow and grandmother.

“More than seventy-seven books of hers have been published by Catholic presses in the area of philosophy and spirituality. Her many books include i, Healing Meditations from the Gospel of St. John, Voyage to Insight, Weeping with Jesus, Healing of Rejection and Escaping Anxiety.

“Dr. Ronda’s autobiography, written in the 1980’s, has inspired many Catholics and possible Catholics. This sequel written 30 years latter, is full of interesting experiences for readers of En Route to Eternity to enjoy but also for others who have been following her on EWTN and Catholic radio.”  [From the cover]

The Miriam Press, Soft cover, ©2022, 188 pages.