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Authorized and Revised Biography by Her Prioress Sister Teresia Renata Posselt, OCD

Compilation and Commentaries by Susanne M. Batzdorff, Josephine Koeppel,
John Sullivan in collaboration with Maria Amata Neyer, Cologne Carmel

“Teresa Renata Posselt, OCD was the Novice Director, then Mother Prioress of the Cologne Carmel when Edith Stein lived there. This is Posselt’s tribute to Saint Edith Stein, a wreath of recollections, lovingly woven together. It is also the first-ever biography published about that ‘Great Woman of the Twentieth Century’.

“Having been out of print for had a century, the original text is here re-edited and enhanced by scholarly perspectives and updated and corrected in the light of knowledge which was not available to the author at the time. …

“The three editors/translators are close to the Stein family as well as to her Carmelite family which she entered in 1933. Susanne Batzdorff is Eidth Stein’s niece, who has know her in person. Josephine Koeppel and John Sullivan are both Carmelites who have occupied themselves with the life and work of the saint and have talked with several Carmelite religious who lived with Edith Stein. Complementing their notes and comments that deepen the knowledge of the famous phenomenologist and Carmelite is an insightful “Foreword” contributed by Sr. Amata Neyer, OCD, who knew Posselt personally. She has served as prioress of the Cologne Carmel and as archivist for its Edith Stein Archive.” [From the cover]

ICS Publications, ©2005, Soft cover, 372 pages.