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With Comments, Reminiscences and Translations of her Prayers and Poems by her niece Susanne M. Batzdorff

“Edith Stein, the author of these poems and prayers, said that a translator must be like a pane of clear glass, letting the writer’s own words be seen as plainly as possible. I have tried to do this, but there were passages which couldn’t be rendered exactly while simultaneously  preserving poetic form and rhythm.

“Edith Stein was my cherished aunt, sister of my mother, and as I work with her writings, I find myself wishing that I could discuss them with her. That privilege I cannot have. The next best thing is to concentrate on the words of the text and to let my memory return to those times, many decades back, when I was able to speak to her and she could answer my questions. The contact I establish in this way appears at times to be close and intimate. I beg her forgiveness as well as the reader’s if I have in some instances failed to be the ‘clear pane of glass’ through which the light of her words may shine.”

Templegate Publishers, ©1990, Soft cover, 126 pages