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What You Never Learned About the Ten Commandments
Fr. Brian Thomas Becket Mullady, O.P., S.T.D.

“Because the Ten Commandments seem harsh and unyielding to modern ears, few today realize that they embody the most perfect expression of human freedom. Only by abiding by the Commandments can you have a fully human life and achieve union with God.

“But you need ore than a tenth-grade understanding of them to unleash their remarkable spiritual power in your daily life, which is why Fr. Brian Mullady has written this remarkable book that reveals the often-overlooked soul-nourishing elements and implications of each of the Commandments.

“Here you’ll come to understand how the Commandments are not just ten individual rules; they are an entire plan of life that draws you ever more into God and brings you enduring peace with others – and with yourself.

“With Fr. Mullady’s help, you’ll come to see how the Commandments not only distill the teachings of Christ in the Beatitudes but are themselves fulfilled when you live in accordance with the Beatitudes.

“You’re sure to close the pages of this book with renewed gratitude for the incredible divine gift of the Commandments and with a greater resolve to believe in, to meditate on,  and to strive to live in accordance with them.

“From Fr. Mullady  you’ll learn:

  • How obedience and love are necessary companions
  • How moral truths revealed by God complement truths of nature
  • How the First Commandment speaks of a kind of ‘marital love’ God shares with us
  • How ‘tempting God’ involves doubt about God’s nature
  • The two conditions that mark any legitimate Sabbath rest
  • Four ways you can place your anger under the control of reason
  • The two kinds of ‘natural’ rights you have as a human – and their relation to the right to own property
  • The five main categories of sinful speech
  • How the ‘negative’ commandments complement the ‘positive’ commandments. [From the cover]

EWTN, ©2019, Soft cover, 128 pages