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“The Cambrian explosion was one of the most spectacular events in the history of life. In a short window of geological times an abundance of new animals – and new animal body designs – arose fully formed without evidence of any evolutionary ancestors.

“Charles Darwin viewed this as an inexplicable mystery. He had envisioned the evolution of life through a multitude of small, undirected steps. Yet, the fossil record reveals no such pattern of gradual development. Instead, early in the Cambrian period, compound eyes, articulated limbs, sophisticated sensory organs and skeletons burst into existence seemingly out of nowhere.

Darwin’s Dilemma explores the Cambrian explosion and the scientific controversy that still surrounds it. Where are the missing transitional forms that that Darwin’s theory requires? Can any undirected evolutionary process explain the origin of animals?

“Filmed on four continents, this fascinating documentary examines some of the most important fossil discoveries ever made and with them, a mystery deeper than Darwin ever imagined. For the Cambrian explosion of life was actually an explosion of biological information – assembly instructions in DNA and embryonic blueprints that directed the development of the first complex animals. Information that points unmistakably to foresight, purpose and intelligent design.”  [From the cover]

Illustra Media, DVD, 72 minutes