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Florent Gaboriau
Translation and Preface by Ralph McInerny

“Florent Gaboriau sees Edith Stein’s conversion under three aspects: first the conversion of a Jew, then the conversion of a feminist, finally the conversion of a philosopher. Stein saw her conversion as the fulfillment of herself as Jewish; she saw the uniqueness of woman in the light of the faith; she saw her phenomenology as finding its home within Christian philosophy.

“One of the most brilliant women of her generation, Stein becamse a model of sanctity. But her canonization by Pope John Paul II was the occasion for strange reactions. Gaboriau’s account of her conversion, and of the saint she became, puts it all into perspective.”  [From the book jacket]

SAU, Hard cover, ©1997 (Translation ©2002), 136 pages