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•Edited by Gavin D’Costa and Faydra L. Shapiro
Preface by H.B. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, OFM

“Shapiro and D‘Costa have edited an important theological work exploring the directions of Catholic theology toward the Holy Land. Seeking to move beyond the older anti-Jewish theologies that condemned Jews to be wanderers without a country to an acceptance of the legitimate claim of Jews to live in the land of Israel, the book offers a broad spectrum of authors from those celebrating Jewish life in the land of Israel as theologically significant and an important next step in Jewish -Catholic dialogue to those who argue that from a Catholic perspective living in the Holy Land cannot come at the expense of the Palestinians or to create a culture of war. With comprehensive erudition, the essays mine Catholic sources from patristics to Aquinas to modern thought, and they especially plumbs recent statements of the Catholic Church. This book needs to be read by everyone involved in contemporary Jewish-Catholic dialogue and belongs in every interfaith library.”

Alan Brill, Seton Hall University

“This book meets a powerful need. The Catholic Church now recognizes that God has not revoked his covenant or his promises with the Jewish people, and it is evident that these promises include the Land. At the same time, the Catholic Church holds that Jesus Christ has brought God’s covenant and promises to fulfillment in Himself. For more that one reason, then, it is long past time for Catholics to address theologically tghe current status of the Land and its relation to the State of Israel. With is wide range of perspectives, this book marks an extraodinary first step toward resolving the most important question for contemporary Jewish-Catholic dialogue. Highly recommended.”

Matthew Levering, author of Engaging the Doctrine Of Israel, A Christian Israelology in  Dialogue with Ongoing Judaism


Preface by H.B. Pierbvattista Pizzabala, OFM
Introduction by Gavin D’Costa and Faydra L. Shapiro

Part I: Listening Again to Scripture
1. The Return to the Land of Israel as an Eschatological Sign in the Light of Romans 11
– Lawrence Feingold
2. Land and Redemption: Why Does God Promise a Land?
– Etienne Vetö
3. The Relationship of Israel to the Promised Land after Christ: Catholic Questionings
– Jean-Miguel Garrigues , OP and Eliana Kurylo, CB
4. The Resurrected Land of Israel
Isaac Vikram Chenchiah

Part II: Mining the Tradition
5. Land and State of Israel: Theological Reflections From a Roman Catholic Perspective
– Christian M. Rutishauser, SJ
6. Terra Viventium: Biblical Promises, Fulfillment, and Thomas Aquinas’s Christological Interpretation of the Land
– Matthew A. Tapie
7. The Catholic Church and “Israel/Palestine”: The Jewish People, the Land, Nation, and State
– Gavin D’Costa
8. Does a Catholic Theology of Sacraments Help to Achieve an Affirmative Approach to the State of Israel?
– Dirk Ansorge

Part III: Seeking Justice and Peace
9. A Catholic Perspective on the People, Land, and State of Israel
– David Mark Neuhaus, SJ
10. Tractatio Theologico-Politica: Palestinian Suffering and the Official Catholic Teaching on the State of Israel
– Antoine Levy, OP
11. Christian Communities in Israel and Palestine
– H. B. Michel Sabbah, Patriarch Emeritus
12. Christian-Jewish Relations from a Christian Palestinian Perspective
– Jamal Khader

Part IV: In Conversation: Jewish Responses
13. Jewish-Christian Relations and the Irrevocable Problem of Political Theology
– Karma Ben Johnson
13. Jews, Catholics, and Israel
– Faydra L. Shapiro

The Catholic University of America Press, ©2022, Soft cover, 336 pages